Tax and Business Advisory

  • Corporate and personal tax compliance including income-tax assessments, Appeals before the Commissioner (Appeals), the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) and Settlement Commission.
  • Domestic and International Tax Planning
  • Filing of Direct and Indirect tax returns of residents and non-residents individuals, domestic and foreign companies and other entities.


Domestic Taxation services for Direct Taxes



We offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all areas of direct taxes including:


  • Corporate Tax
  • With holding Tax
  • International Tax Treaty
  • Double Avoidance Tax Agreement


 Our services encompass:


  • Corporate and Business Tax Consulting
  • Corporate and Business Tax Compliance
  • Litigation Support and Representations
  • Trade Facilitation


Corporate and Business Tax Consulting


The service covers consulting in respect of tax positions and transaction advisory services relevant to mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations. Our offerings include:


  • Formulation of direct tax efficient business models
  • Conducting health checks aimed at providing assurance in tax compliance
  • Direct tax specific due diligence reviews (buy/sell side)
  • Opinions on direct tax issues
  • Identification of innovative tax planning opportunities


Compliance Support


Our teams of professionals and industry experts have both the experience and the acumen to guide our clients through complex and sophisticated tax regulations and proceedings in a result oriented manner. Our offerings include:


  • Direct Tax compliance support/outsourcing such as tax registration, issues pertaining to with holding tax and certification
  • Preparation/Review of corporate tax returns
  • Review/ Assistance in advance tax computations
  • Preparation/Review of withholding (TDS) tax returns:

           we advise on all matters relating to compliance of TDS/TCS provisions, which includes:


§         Obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN)

§         Periodic review of TDS/With holding Tax compliance

§         Computation of monthly TDS

§         Monthly reconciliation of TDS due and deposited

§         Monthly deposit of TDS electronically/manually

§         Issue of monthly/annual TDS certificates

§         Filing of quarterly E-TDS/Manual Returns

§         Filing of Correction Statements

§         TDS assessment



Litigation Support and Representations


  • Drafting appeals and submissions
  • Appearances and arguments before adjudication and appellate authorities
  • Appearances and arguments before Anti-dumping authorities
  • Briefing Senior Counsel on need basis


Trade Facilitation


  • Setting up and operationalising EOUs, STP units/ SEZ units
  • Advisory and operational assistance for availing benefits under Free Trade/Regional Trade Agreements


International Taxation

With a surge in the presence of foreign companies in India and diversification of Indian firms abroad, compliance with tax regulations and legislations has increasingly become complex and demanding. Formulation of an optimum tax solution to reduce the burden on profits and capital gains has thus become integral to gain competitive edge in today’s globalised business environment.

Our team of industry experts and specialists assist our clients in development of competitive strategies in line with industry norms. Various cross border and international taxation services offered by us include:

Transfer Pricing

  • Development of optimum transfer pricing strategy that protects profits within the increasingly complex regulatory environment
  • High level diagnostic of a group’s transfer pricing policies, especially in due diligence assignments
  • Representation before revenue authorities for transfer pricing audit defense
  • Management of international transfer pricing projects from an Indian perspective
  • Price setting (transfer pricing planning) of entities in terms of functions performed and risks assumed

Cross-Border Investments

  • Detailed functional analysis of selected entities, ownership structures (e.g., branch, subsidiary, joint venture) and related industry analysis
  • Comparables and benchmarking analysis
  • Due diligence and compliance with local and global documentation sets
  • Structuring of inter company transactions and new business initiatives (using an integrated approach with the Tax and Regulatory team)
  • Processing regulatory approvals


Tax Planning


  • Compliance services for international corporate and personal taxation
  • Opinions on the various Double Tax Avoidance Agreement related issues
  • Settlement of various issues under FEMA
  • Expatriate Tax Solutions
  • Analysis of tax efficient IP exploitation schemes
  • Analysis of attribution of profits to Permanent Establishment (PE)
  • Taxation solutions favouring immigration and emigration planning


FEMA/ RBI Related Services

We also offer various services related to Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank of India:

  • Compliance of the procedure including chartered accountants certification for repatriation of income / assets from India.
  • We make applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents and Non Residents in India and outside India.
  • Make application to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of residential and commercial property including renting out of property.
  • Regulation as to investments in shares and debentures, mutual funds, government securities and bank deposits and its taxation.
  • Real estate operations like renting, purchasing and selling in India can also be done through us.
  • Procedure to file the income tax return and obtain tax exemption certificate and Permanent Account Number (PAN) to our clients.
  • Replies to any queries on Indian Taxation, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank of India procedures and approvals.
  • Advice or inquiry required in relation to FEMA / RBI matters can be availed by us.
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